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My Collection

Here are some pictures of my shakers!

I will be adding more pictures as soon as I get them! Keep checking back!  Also, if you have any information on any of the sets on this page, please email me!  Many sets are not identified or dated!


Striped Pig and Spotted Cow

This is a set called Striped Pig and Spotted Cow. It is a set by Warren Kimble, a folk artist. It is made by Sakura.

Huggie Bears

These are the VanTellingen Bear Hugs! They are so much cuter (and larger) in person!  I am planning on collecting more of the series.

cows in barn

These cute little cows have a metal barn! They are so cute!

Dogs with hats

I think these are little dogs with hats!  Any info?  Email me!


These happy hedgehogs were a Valentine's gift from my hubby!


These are my love bugs. I am not sure if they are black or green!

mouse in cheese

This is a set by Lefton. I got this set for free at the flea market (can't beat the price)! It has a small crack in the cheese and a small chip in the mouse ear. Despite the flaws it is pretty cute!

puppy in boot

This set is a metal set.  It appears to be a puppy in a boot.

Shar Pei Dogs

This is a cute set of Shar-Pei dogs. They are a new set. I am not sure who makes them.


This is a cute set of turtles. They appear old and have their original cork stoppers.


kitchen witches

These are kitchen witches. In Scandinavian countries they are believed to bring good luck! They remind me of the kitchen witch my mom used to have in her kitchen!

Ole and Lena

These two are Ole and Lena (from the Norwegian jokes). Ole has a manufacturing defect that causes him to lean.

Food and Drink


christmas trees

This is a set of crystal Christmas trees. The label says Gorham Germany.

Silly Ghosts

These are very silly ghosts!  They appear fairly new. They remind me of the old cartoons!


table set

This is the set we actually have on our table! It is the only set we use!


chef single

This is the chef part. He came with a hat, but it had an unfortunate accident. If you know where I can find a new hat (or anyother information about this set), please email me!!!


These gnomes are another tribute to my Norwegian heritage.  They also appear quite old. They are stamped Japan in red on the bottom. They have their original cork stoppers.

Publix Pilgrims

These are the Publix Pilgrims (Encore Edition-2001). This is one of my favorite sets!!

Rag Dolls

These are rag dolls made by Young. They are part of the Heartland Kitchen Collection.