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Serious Links


School links

University of Wyoming:  I did my first two years of undergraduate here.  There is lots of useful information if you are interested in attending, or if you did attend.

University of Miami:  This is the school that I graduated from.  Again, information is available for those interested in attending or for those who did attend UM.

University of Miami School of Law:  This is the law school that I currently attend.  I will be graduating in May 2002.

Legal Links

Lexis:  Lexis is an online legal and news database.  This is their page specifically for law students.  Access requires a password.

Westlaw:  Westlaw is also an online legal database.  This is their page for law students.  Access to this page also requires a password.

Findlaw:   This is a great page for finding cases.  It also has lots of legal resources for law students.

Florida Board of Bar Examiners:  As a student currently working on my bar application, this is a very useful site.

Florida Bar:  This is the homepage for the Florida Bar.  Someday I hope to be a member!

American Bar Association:  This is the homepage for the American Bar Association.  It is a large legal organization with many publications.  It is possible to be a student member.  Student members can also join sections, divisions, and committees.

ACLU of Florida:  This is the Florida ACLU.  The ACLU is an organization devoted to defending Civil Rights.

JD Post:  This page requires that you sign up.  It has job listings, housing availability, and other useful stuff for law students and potential employers.

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