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Fun Stuff


Computer Links/Information

Citrix:  This is the software company that Zack works for.  It is a really great company that is growing quickly.

Tripod:  As you may have guessed, this is the company that sponsors my page.

Iname:  This company offers free email forwarding.  I love my forwarding address. It is very helpful, and I recommend anyone who changes email addresses frequently get one.

Color Center:  This is a page that helps you decide on colors for your web page.  It also has resources to help you find a background for you page.  That is where I found my backgrounds.

Efax: This is a free service that receives faxes for you, and then emails them to you.  It is great if you don't have a fax machine or a separate fax line.


Sheridan, WY:  This is my hometown in Wyoming (one of the square states).

Miami, FL:  Of course, I also lived in Miami for a while.


Broward Center For the Performing Arts:  This is the theatre in my area.  There are always events here.

Ticketmaster USA:  This is a great place to get tickets for the events at the BCPA and other places.

MovieLink:  This is a listing for all of the movies playing in your area.  It is the same as 777-FILM, but it is online.  This is the best place to buy books and music online. It is easy to use, and also gives suggestions.  Even if you don't plan to buy, it is a lot of fun to surf this site.  This is where we found our house.  I put it under entertainment because it is just fun to look at houses.  Some even have virtual tours.

Cooking  This site has everything you could possibly want or need for the kitchen. Even if you do not plan on buying anything, it is fun to dream.

Tavolo:  This site has everything for cooks.  It also has recipes, cookbooks, and other cooking goodies.


NHL:  This is the official NHL homepage.  It has scores, interviews, news, and even stuff to buy.  You can even listen to games.

Hockeytown!:  This is the home of my favorite team, the Detroit Redwings. 


Puzzability:  This is a really fun site with all kinds of puzzles and brain teasers.  Some change daily, weekly, and monthly.

Useless Knowledge:  This is the home of trivia and useless knowledge.

Questions?  Comments?  Know of other fun stuff?  Just bored? Email Me